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2019 / 3D game / Development - Antoine Abbou & Nikita Skargovskii / Design - Alix Chabagny & Clara Morineau

Bienvenüe is a 5 minutes desktop 3D puzzle game. The player has the role of a parent with a stroller. He’s in the subway and he has to take his train before the end of the game. This game spotlights the lack of accessibility in the parisian subway in an ironic way.

3D animation image

01 -


The final goal’s player is to take his train but to take his train, he has to succeed two levels. When the player go through the gantry, the level is completed.


02 -

and interactives modules

The player is a parent which has a stroller. Because of that, he can’t take the stairs. He has to find where the escalators or elevators are and avoid crows movements. He also can play with the floor signage to direct the crowd.

03 -

Character design

Our character design is simple but very expressive. He’s like a cartoon. Thanks to his appearance and his color, we can see him very easily on the platform. He looks very scared because he has to overcome a lot of obstacles. There is also a second character which represents a subway’s officer. He’s very happy and ready to help anyone !

04 -

Game assets

The subway is surrealist. The idea was to dive the player in the subway universe in an humorous way. We have chosen to model typical elements of the parisan’s subway.