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Flirt Factory

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2018 - 2019 / Interactive Website / Development - Audren Mauplot & Artium Wasse / Design - Alix Chabagny, Fany Thourain & Bastien Lepecheur

Flirt Factory is an interactive experience on desktop. You are invited to explore the history of seduction through the years. In this experience, you embody a technician which fonction is to repare the factory.

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Why Flirt Factory ?

The factory is composed of several areas where each area is a historic period. Each machine represents the methods of seduction of the period in a symbolic and metaphoric way.

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The role of technician

For a better immersion, we gave the user a role : he’s the technician of the factory. At the beginning, each area is off. He has to do small interactions in order to turn each area on again. During the whole experience, the user is helped by a personal assistant.