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2017 - 2018 / Final project - Application / Development - Alexandre Massé & Léa Tanda / Design - Alix Chabagny & Iris Mangin

Hodós is an interactive reading experience on tablet for children from 7 to 9. The child is invited to encounter mythological characters and to follow the young God Hermès in his journey.

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01 -

An interactive map

The map is the homepage of the app. It allows the navigation between the chapters.
This map evolves during the reading experience . Indeed, the locations appear when Hermès goes to this places in the history.

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02 -

1 location = corresponding characters and chapters

Each location corresponds to one of few chapters. In the story, Hermès encounters specific characters in each location. When you tap on one location, you can see the corresponding characters and chapters .

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03 -

1 character = 1 skill = 1 card

During the story, Hermès acquires more and more knowledge and skills as he encouters characters and he has to reuse it. During the reading, the kid has to solve puzzles by putting the right character’s card corresponding to the action to achieve. The card is recognized on the tablet thanks to the conductive ink technology.

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04 -

Immersive reading

We wanted to create a dreamlike quest trough mythological universes. The kid has to progress in the story by scrolling horizontally . To increase the immersive aspect of the reading, there are also parallax, animated illustrations and an effect on the colors and the lights.

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