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Identité DIP

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2017 / Visual identity

During my apprenticeship at «Direction de l’Innovation Pédagogique - CCI Paris IDF», one of my main task was to create a visual identity : from the creation of the logotype to the declinations on various supports.

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01 -

The logotype

For the direction, I wanted to create a logo which represents the innovation. The logotype consists in two visual elements : the points and the curves which connect them. They interact in order to create a whole.

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02 -

The print graphic charter

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03 -

The web graphic charter

I had to do other logotypes based on the first one for the others services of the Direction, but also for example, for black and white supports. So we decided to create a website where the members of the Direction could find all the logos and download them. It was also the opportunity to adapt the print graphic charter in web. I created this interface and developed it with Bootstrap.

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04 -

Various supports

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