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Oct 2017 / Interactive design / Design - Alix Chabagny, Justine Lenouvel & Iris Mangin

This project was in partnership with «La Petite Galerie du Louvre». We had to start from a painting of the exposition and to imagine an interactive installation around it. We chose a painting of Ingres and we imagined the installation in order to showcase the theatricalness of it staging.

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The immersive room

In a dark room, the characters of the painting are projected on the walls. They are talking together. You can hear what they say only if you put your ear against the wall. At one point, all the characters come up on stage (the stage is represented by a theatre curtain projected on one wall) for a theatrical performance. At the end, people have to exchange because each experience is unique as everyone didn’t hear the same characters talking. We imagined this installation in order to put the spectator in the center of the painting.

murmures image murmures image murmures image murmures image