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2017 - 2018 / Final project - Application

After the attacks in 2015, the Nightlife activities have slowed down in Paris. That’s why I chose to create my final project around this subject. I wanted, thanks to an app which shows the festive tone of the parisian’s nightlife, to encourage the people to move forward and to go out again.

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01 -

Research by music

I wanted an interface which was dynamic, enlightening and attractive.
On the app, the user could find the event which fits the most with his expectations thanks to a research by style of music or by kind of events.

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02 -

Research by locations

The user could also look for an event with a research by locations thanks to an interactive map. This research is more like a game where you have to go the all the locations to complete a level (represented by each districts of Paris).

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03 -

Social media

This app is like a new social media (you have a user profile, you can follow people, locations…) but it also has an informative aspect to inform the people on the Parisian’s Nightlife.

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